Sharon Prentice, PhD

Transformational Psychologist and Author

Find Your Passion Again. Embrace Your JOY. Your Way!

Ok guys- here’s the deal...What I do and what you do are so similar...Exactly what am I talking about?
This is what I’m talking about...We all have our trials...we all lose ourselves sometimes...we all fail and screw ourselves up and then feel miserable and go into hiding and stay put for as long as we can- but, then-we gotta get up...we just gotta crawl up out of there, find the strength to get up and walk again...even if that “getting up” is on all four to begin with! That crawl is a the first step up and out and back to LOVING OURSELVES. Lets take that step together...And remember- its ok to ask someone to help you along the way... Ya gotta have attitude, baby! Its there, it always has been-ya just gotta TAP INTO IT! There’s a name for what you lost-its your very own FIERCE GRACE!
Ya gotta learn to stand in the truth of your own being, knowing that staying faithful to all that you are or are supposed to be-isn't easy. We all have trials and traumas and moments of extreme “WTF” that leave us reeling and all too ready to forget who we are and what we want. Sometimes, we simply get so tired that we feel like giving up and giving in...because we don’t know what else to do! Then “love of self” gets lost...and we start to “wear” and exist within the dozens of labels that others stick on us. It then becomes our job to find our purpose again...or find it for the first time...or to wipe the tears, brush the hair and get the hell up and back to our true selves-that's the goal! Giving up is not an option! But, hey-sometimes, those journey’s into our consciousness are dark and lonely and really suck, don’t they? We all need someone to share those trials we challenge and inspire and taste our own dribble...we gotta realize that we have bought into the labels we wear and have started to believe the lies we were told and the lies we told ourselves ! So, what to do? I tell you this... before we can recover the passion and lead the life we deserve and seek, we must never ever give up who we are- and we must take back our ferocious fearless selves. We just gotta stop worrying about being that good little boy or girl and stop worrying about what others say about us...what we can achieve or can’t...and stop trying to please everyone who has their own agenda for us! We need to learn how to own our powerful selves again! Thats right- OWN IT! NO more living in the margins, kids. Color outside the box again...
So, imagine this. There you are...standing tall in your own truth...your powerful, passionate self... looking all warm and magical and handling your own stuff the way you wanna handle it- and, above all else-tapping into all that strength and courage and attitude that heralded you into YOU! Its that FIERCE GRACE that keeps ya moving forward! Way cool, isn’t it?