Reviews for Becoming Starlight

"Becoming Starlight by Dr. Sharon Prentice is a powerful memoir about love, loss and a miraculous phenomenon she witnessed called Shared Death Experience (SDE). Anyone questioning the meaning of life and death will find honest answers here from someone on a remarkable quest.”
Caregiver Warrior 

“Sharon Prentice will have you asking many questions, and finding your answers is part of the healing process.” 
Ms Career Girl

"This fascinating read is about a Shared Death Experience (SDE). Most people know of or know someone who has experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE), but very few have heard of the SDE. Anyone who is interested in the afterlife will be interested in this read.” 
We Blog the World 

"Becoming Starlight truly is the story of somebody broken and put back together, gilded with gold, made stronger and more beautiful.” 
The Plucky Reader

"Do you ever have a book that just slaps you wide awake spiritually when you are least expecting it? Becoming Starlight did just that for me. This memoir of this women’s SDE experience took me on the spiritual ride of my life.” 
Openly Bookish 

"Becoming Starlight is honest and visceral. One piece of this book that adds gravitas to Becoming Starlight if not validity is that the preface is written by Raymond Moody, the medical doctor whose own observations of people near death resulted in books and studies by him. He is the resident expert on the subject. If he takes Mrs. Prentice’s testimony seriously, it probably is worth looking at.” 
English Plus Blog 

"This was quite a story and she told it with much empathy and passion. I think anyone searching for answers to the burning question, “is this all there is?” should read her story. It might just awaken a desire to take a spiritual journey of your own.”
My Shelf

Becoming Starlight is recommended for readers who are genuinely interested in the afterlife and need the comforting words of someone who, despite heartbreaking losses, came out a better person.” 
SA Examiner

“This powerful testimony to an out of body experience resonates with good writing and deep feeling.” 
Book Loons

“We have read much on the topic of the Near Death Experience, yet there has been little knowledge put forth on the topic of the Shared Death Experience. This is the perspective that Dr. Prentice takes for this groundbreaking book. Buy it, read it, learn from it as I did.” 
Book Pleasures