Sharon Prentice, PhD

Transformational Psychologist and Author

Meet Sharon

As a Transformational Psychologist, Dr. Prentice specializes in advanced Temperament profiling for the Psychological, Business and Information communities.  She holds Board Certification in Individual and Group therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Integrated Marriage and Family therapy, Crisis and Abuse therapy, Grief therapy and Spiritual Direction through Life Coaching. The basic premise underlying the modalities of Transformative therapy is one that emphasizes the importance of the Spiritual health of individuals as it pertains to the overall emotional, psychological and physical health of clients.  Transformation through temperament profiling is an inner, spiritual psychology that transforms and integrates self-knowledge that, in turn, allows for personal transformation on a heightened level of conscious awareness. Finding your way in the Universe, touching your Soul, breathing the breath of your Creator- that's what transformational psychology is all about!

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Find Your Passion Again. Embrace Your JOY. Your Way!

by Meet Sharon

Ok guys-here's the deal...What I do and what you do are so similiar...Exactly what am I talking about?
This is what I'm talking about...We all have our trials...we all lose ourselves sometimes...we all fail and screw ourselves up and then feel miserable and go into hiding and stay put for as long as we can-but, then we gotta get up...we just gotta crawl up out of there, find the strength to get up and walk again...even if that "getting up" is on all four to begin with! That crawl is a the first step up and out and back to loving ourselves. Let's take that step together....

6 Things to Remember

6 Things to Remember
by Meet Sharon
As I wrote in Becoming Starlight, I lived in fear of life for so many years. Thinking that life…and death… were out to get me, I decided to get them first!  I spiraled downward out of nothing but pure unadulterated fear of “getting out there” again. I needed to learn that life is just life and that it becomes exactly what you make it with your thoughts and behaviors.  What you expect- you get! Death came calling in such an unexpected way-I had no wherewithal to deal with it…so I retreated into the darkness. I had to learn that grief is just as important as joy and that death is simply the other side of life. It’s all part of the deal, isn’t it? Nothing was out to get me…not life or death or God or anything else- it was always just me that was out to “get me!”  Learn that and you’re already ahead of the game…

Separating Fear from Fact

by Meet Sharon

I so hope this finds you safe and well! I’ve had all of you in my thoughts and prayers and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to support you in this absolutely nutty time! I know many of you are worried and quite literally scared to death about what this virus is doing to our families, our jobs, our country-and to the world.

A Conversation with Tricia Barker: Surrender the Woundedness

by Meet Sharon
“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.”

These words, first spoken by the great Maya Angelou, appear in Tricia Barker’s memoir ” Angels in the OR” and, as Tricia takes us inside her life’s journey, we begin to see- and experience- exactly why she chose this particular quote. I came to know and understand this beautiful woman on a much deeper level than I expected and I rightfully came to the conclusion that her story wasn’t one of defeat or denial or loss. It was, instead, a story filled with light and joy and hope for the future. Complex trauma is part of her story-and suffering through the myriad of issues that come with sexual assault and the steps necessary for healing-isn’t an easy task! It takes courage…Tricia found that courage and learned how to live again.

A Conversation with Dr. Carey White: Reset and Renew!

by Meet Sharon
It has been said “life sometimes doesn’t get you to the people you want to meet but always gets you to the people you need to meet.” Dr. Carey White is that person. Dr. Carey is a licensed physical therapist and an Orthopedic Certified Specialist.  Carey, because of her healing skills across the continuum of health and well-being, has often been referred to as “gifted.” Because of her empathic and compassionate demeanor, she is one of the most sought-after healers in the Metropolitan Washington area.