Sharon Prentice, PhD

Transformational Psychologist and Author

Meet Sharon

The Challenge:

I fell off the bandwagon of expectation and self judgement decades ago when I admitted that my life was not one of my own making. I had allowed myself to become an anecdote in the story’s others wrote for me. I had the leading role in their play without even realizing it! Whatever happened to that rebellious, obstinate, opinionated, in your face young woman-well, I had virtually no idea where she had disappeared to! But POOF, she was gone with the wind, so to speak!

And, lemme tell ya, it was a real sucky place to be! I had lost my focus, my passion, my Fierce Grace, my voice-I had to learn, all over again-how to challenge those things that scared the crap outta me and how to face my own dribble. I had to become my very own lie detector and face myself in the mirror! Ouch!  So- first up, I had to start setting boundaries without fear or intimidation AND I had to connect with my own vulnerability to keep it from swallowing me whole. I had to inspire myself, to challenge myself, to wake up the passion that had faded into oblivion…I had to lean in and taste my own dribble! Fierce Grace requires letting go-and living in the NOW!  The past and the future are just thoughts- it's in the present that you find your place in the world and end your suffering.

I believe we all have to stare that dribble down, touch it, cry with it, accept it, hug it…then say farewell to it as you kick all that garbage to the curb and start living your own life-upfront and out-loud with no apology! Irreverent, sure. Scary, you betcha! Real, absolutely.  Be Brave. Be Courageous. Its damn difficult sometimes, isn’t it? You have to feel your way back to the passion that burns in your Spirit and has you saying, “NO. No more!” I believe in having the audacity to challenge the roles that have been written for you, the lies you have been told and the lies you tell yourself! It takes time...and pain…to enter that Fierce Grace again, doesn’t it?

So, now…embracing my passion and standing in my power again…I write to help others find and live within their own Fierce Grace.. And, when I’m not helping others face their challenges, you can find me hanging with my family-which includes a colorful menagerie of feathered, finned, scaled and furred two and four legged babies that are raucous and wild and essential to my life.  And, yep-that’s me, lying in my hammock on the beach, next to my cottage surrounded by the sand dunes that hold the traces of our bonfires, the ocean breezes carrying the smells that my Spirit thrives on, my children laughing and splashing in the ocean—that’s it! That’s all I want or need…such a challenge, ya know?  But somebody has to do it, right.



Ok…so you feel screwed up.  Know why?  Any idea?  My job, as a Transformational Psychologist-is take you to your answer! But don’t expect me to save you. That I cannot do!  What I can do- is to slap you awake to the fact that YOU are the only one who can save yourself.  I can take you to the edge of the margins you have been living within but it’s your job to redefine your life, widen those margins and start living life the way you want to live it! I’m basically that girl who tells you the truth when no one else will.  I can be your best friend and your worst enemy-all at the same time!   And I’m very good at that! Matter of fact, I have a parrot, Joey- who comes to work with me and his favorite saying is what he hears my clients say to me more than anything else, “That Sucks.” Yep- sometimes it does! But ya gotta get in there and clear the path, don’t ya? 

Interview with Dr. Prentice on the Open to Hope Podcast