Sharon Prentice, PhD

Transformational Psychologist and Author

Hi There My Crazy Hot Messes

Hi there my crazy hot messes, my beautiful souls! For those of you hopping on board-you must know one thing-first and foremost-being a crazy hot mess is a beautiful thing! It means you are alive! You feel things intensely, you embrace life and run to it-not from it. You are so welcome here. The journey we are on can be a long and lonely one so sharing who and what we are with others is a necessity if we are to thrive! Entering the underside of the soul-where your Spirit lives-can be difficult-especially if you have hidden away aspects of yourself that you were told were "not allowed". Its there, in that underbelly of your soul-its there you will find all the joy, the laughter, the wild abandon, the gifts the Divine gave to you in your mothers womb-its all there just waiting to bust out! Wanna go get it???? Wait..wait..wait..wait for me..I wanna go with you..all that magnificence is catchy!!